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Watch Jamia students’ revision video that got 11K view

Watch Jamia students’ revision video that got 11K view.

A video parked on Jamia Millia Islamia official page on May 18 is a huge hit with users as till now it has been viewed by 11 thousand people and still going strong soliciting several comments, share and like.

The video titled: Last minute revision by students before exam at JMI shows students on the campus. Jamia is full of action as not only it is exam time for university students but also aspirants who want to get admission with entrance exams going on.

Following which there is a huge rush on the campus leading to even traffic snarls at times. On Friday there was huge traffic snarl in the locality with road to Jamia being chock-o-block due to traffic jam. In the evening as the exam was finished parents, aspirants and locals were seen stuck in the traffic jam that started from Jamia and tailed back to Batla House and to Tikona Park.


Moreover, the digging work being done by government agency near the university bus stop has also added to the chaos, claimed daily commuters, adding that the road has been narrowed with traffic slowing down. To clear the traffic jam, traffic police was also seen at the main gate. It is another story that it took hours to get the traffic back into normal.

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