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Jamia Nagar girl suffers leg fracture after being hit by rogue biker in Okhla

A girl suffered leg fracture after being hit by a rogue biker in Abul Fazal Enaclave, according to eyewitnesses. Shockingly, after hitting the girl the biker stopped for a few minutes and then fled from the spot with locals doing little to address the situation, said the eyewitness.

The worst part was that nobody came forward to help the girl who was wreathing in pain, said the girl’s close relative.

“We just got down and crossed the road and were walking down to our home that a biker hit my daughter. He stopped and then fled from the spot. She was in pain and a large number of people gathered and nobody cared to call police or rickshaw so that the girl could be rushed to hospital. Thanks to a fruit seller who called a rickshaw. In the hospital, it was found that she got hairline fracture,” said an eyewitness on the condition of anonymity.

Rogue bikers are in large number and cases of hit-and-run are on the rise. Shockingly in many cases residents too have been found siding with the biker who in most the cases are minor and have no licences, said a resident.

“The problem is that might is right in this locality. It is very common to see underage youth without licences driving rashly and hitting people and then running away. And when they are caught then people from some locality gather and mount pressure on the victim for a compromise or chances are that they may even thrash the victims’ relatives and families if they threaten to take the case to police,” said a resident on the condition of anonymity fearing being targeted by ruffians.

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