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How is Jamia Millia Islamia for a Hindu? The Quora question and answers

When somebody asked on Quora: How is Jamia Millia Islamia for a Hindu? The questions solicited 21 answers and here are a few for your perusal.

Vivek Gupta, B Tech. Computer Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia (2011) wrote: “JMI is different from your regular DU college. It’s culture is much refined, you will meet people and with no awkwardness they will greet you with “salaam”. Yes there will be more number of Muslims around you but that by no means will make you feel like “minority”. I think the political religious lines are what one comes to see after getting into real adult world drawn by politics. Jamia makes you feel more at home infact , I made some of my life long friends here. We looked forward to having iftaar at campus in ramzaan as eagerly as having sweets during Diwali. Colors on holi used to be in air as fragrance of sevaiyan on Eid.

“Faculty will never see students with different eyes over their religion, I myself was secretary at the biggest student society at Jamia, CSI jamia chapter, I also was placement coordinator who was elected by class with more than 70% Muslims. A guy thoroughly Delhi bred , with ardent Hindu family, I myself had doubts when I was joining Jamia, but I know I can never regret a day of it.

“I am doing well in my life as software engineer with labels of brands like Adobe. Jamia is a world repute college with Alumnis’ in one of the best software , construction, telecom, journalism brands. At the end it will be your fears which will hold you back because I don’t think any of my Jamia brothers will ever intimidate or hold back their brother.”

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Gaurav Tripathi, studied at Jamia Millia Islamia, wrote: “Well! It’s mesmerizing. I can assure you by my graduation experience at university.

“Let me start by saying w.r.t. religious distribution of students in different faculties. Its a yes, that more number of students following religion of Islam are studying but you can find a commendable number students from different religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Christian and others. Simply, university represents itself as a mini-India, learning and prospering together.

“Nevertheless, The authorities are exactly similar to everybody. They won’t do work for any students on time. (Lol) I hope you’re aware even in IITs & IIMs few govt officials never change with time and generation. So, have patience ;-D

“Moreover, the extra-curricular activities which are absolutely different from studies are immense. Let me tell you, that nowhere in India there are Jamia Millia-affiliated colleges. All students earn education in campus itself. With different departments and faculties.

“Because of the above, if you get selected in Jamia, you’re lucky to have access to huge opportunities in your graduation years to participate in national and international events and festivals. Long story short, you have an opportunity to explore your real self. Get to know your strengths and weakness. Embrace different cultures and enhance inter-personality skills.

“I am saying this because I have lived this lifestyle in university. Travelling became a habit. Representing your university at Nationals like National Youth Festival and Internationals like SAARC Universities Challenge is remarkable and dream come true at that age. Its not easy to do all this, everybody did not do this, honestly more than 90% didn’t. But this university provides a platform which is student-oriented.

“Remember, only if you’re selected in, you can definitely do it. If I can do it brother, you can do it.

“I can write much more about daily life at university but since your question is specific, I think I’m done here. Thus, jamia is multi-dimensional experience and one of best phases in a students life.

“I am a proud Hindu and Jamiiiayite.”

Pankaj Kumar Dua, studied at Jamia Millia Islamia and he wrote: ”I studied in Jamia. If you show respect to them surely they will respect you. It’s obvious that some elements are orthodox and show rudeness but some teachers are surely excellent too. We cannot blame all. We also cannot say that all are anti Hindus. As far as my experience is concerned, I found teachers more co-operative but some Muslims are anti-Hindus too. Just be in yourself. You make balance in your statements and give them respect then surely they won’t say anything to you. Moreover, I am a secular person and respect their religion in addition to the respect to my religion. I only faced difficulty two times by two muslim colleagues only. Also, I have an excellent guidance and supportive behaviour from one muslim teacher. Mr. Asad Malik (now professor) helped me in understanding the subjects more than any Hindu teacher could have helped me. My best suggestion to you is do not get involved in politics there. Rest everything is fine.”

Amarjeet Singh Parmar, Btech from Jamia Millia Islamia, wrote: “I can answer better because I m Hindu and doing BTech from Jamia … before I came here I have a lot of questions related to this. ..may be I treated biasedly as I m Hindu but I was wrong ..

“Jamia is based on ganga Jamuna tahjeeb as Muslim teacher taught Sanskrit and Hindu teacher taught Urdu. I m proudly say that Jamia followed that Jamia decorated in Deepawali more than Delhi university

“Here in all holidays equally 2 days off either Bakreid or Dashra…I never feel as I should consider as a Hindu ..never…Even I really proud .I am part of this …it is a beautiful message to ll to live together with love , brotherhood ..

Tajender Singh, Mechanical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia (2011), wrote: “The environment is very good. The difference is how people see things there. The environment is very peaceful and calm. You can see people chilling everywhere but without any nuisance. They invite poets and social workers in the annual fest in place of rappers and comedians. Overall I find it a good place to be. I have strong attachment with the place. It’s basically like 80% school and 20% collage. It is good for everyone. There is nothing like Hindu and Muslim in there.”

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