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Jamia alumna Iffat’s service to humanity grabs headlines

Dr Iffat Faridi is a PhD in Special Education from Jamia Millia Islamia and she could have easily got any good job. She is doing great service to humanity. Currently, stationed in Bangalore, she is transforming lives of children of construction labourers.

drfaraidiSelf-employed, she works at a project: From street to school.

Her extraordinary story to empower the deprived has made it to the national daily. Her journey to extricate the children of construction labourers from hardship started after she gave up her job three years ago due to her husband’s busy schedule.

Dr Faridi said: “I noticed a group of children living in tiny, dingy mud huts on a vacant plot near our apartment complex. I observed them roaming aimlessly, playing in mud and sand, crying when other older kids picked on them. There were no elders around to protect them. Once in a while, some well-to-do people would show up with food or sweets or leftovers.”

Her heart moved and then she made an effort to break the ice.

“As soon as we tried to break the ice, we realised that we did not share the same language. They knew only Kannada and Telugu; I spoke only Hindi and English. This did not stop us from communicating. I asked them, in sign language, if they wanted to study. I was happy to see that they did,” she told

According to the daily, Dr Faridi makes sure that the students go to school regularly. If other teachers teach other subjects, it is Faridi who took on herself to teach children English on holidays.

CAPTION: Photo credit Dr Faridi’s timeline

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