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Blow-by-blow account of what happened inside Tablighi Jamaat Markaz

The June 20 OKHLATIMES report on Tablighi Jamaat solicited several comments with many questioning its veracity. 

Critics argued that the fight was not between Tablighi Jamaat members as mentioned in the copy and suggested that such stories should not be carried.

It was found that the fight allegedly took place on June 19 between people and most probably they were members on the premises.

After speaking with a neighbour of Adnan who was badly hurt in the fight it came to OKHLATIMES knowledge that the fight was really bitter.

A resident of Nizamuddin, who was with Adnan in the trauma centre told OKHLATIMES on the condition of anonymity how the event unfolded in front him.

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At the time of the clash that took place a few minutes before Tarawih, Adnan’s neighbour was standing outside the mosque and was about to enter the place to offer Tarawih.

“There are two active groups in the organisation. Since the death of the Amir a few years ago there is internal struggle going on between Saad and Zubair group. Though Maulana Zubair died but he has a huge following and many of his followers are backing his son. The locals in Nizamuddin support the Zubair group. The Markaz is in Nizamuddin. A few boys, including Adnan, were dragged inside the mosque and the other group locked the doors from inside. The boys were tied up and were beaten up mercilessly with sticks. The boys support Zubair group. Later on a few people came out and started attacking the shopkeepers and other locals. There was a ruckus and everybody rushed for shelter.

“Later on the locals gathered enough courage to assemble outside the mosque. Had police not intervened the some untoward incidents would have taken place,” said Adnan’s neighbour. It is very difficult to pinpoint that these were Tablighi members as the religious organisation has no record. But one thing is certain, according to locals, the boys, who were thrashed, were active Taglighi members.

Residents and insiders pointed out that the tension was brewing inside the mosque for days as many youths were brought in from a particular place close to Delhi.

With the clash making into news, the elders have come out with statement that those who clashed were not members of Tablighi Jamaat.

One FB user wrote: “There is clear report from Maulana Saad from Tablighi Jamaat that there is no link between the clashing mob and Jamaat. It is between two other groups who r not belongs to Tablighi Jamaat…” Also he shared the link doing the rounds online.

However, locals are not willing to buy this argument.

The development in the religious organisation has left many members shocked.

Moreover, some members pointed out that this incident doesn’t mean that the whole organisation is bad. “There are always black sheep everywhere. And this incident is bad on the organisation’s other wise peaceful history,” said a sympathizer, on the condition of anonymity.

It is understood that a meeting too was held among the elders and the issue of Amir and forming a Shura was also raised.

Mohammad Ghazali Khan wrote: “One may disagree with Tableeghi Jama’t on many issues but majority of its activists, one has to admit, are committed and sincere to their mission and most of the Muslims will be saddened by the reported turmoil within the organisation. Although Ameer-e-Jama’at has denied that those who were involved in the 19 June clashes had anything to do with the organisation, the tension that has been building for some time is a common knowledge.”

Interestingly as the debate rages a version from Zubair group over the incident is still awaited to clear the air.

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