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Indian Muslims who complain that media is ‘biased’ should learn a few lessons from Miqdaad

For many in India, Miqdaad Versi is nobody but not so in the UK. There, he is grabbing headlines for the reason that he has forced British media to retract and correct articles related to coverage of Muslims.

And he has done all on his own by making sure to campaign for fair coverage and his story should be read by those in India who always complain that the media is allegedly biased towards Muslims.

According to a London-based Guardian report, Versi has undertaken a personal project to track articles about Islam and Muslims in order to spot misrepresentations and inaccuracies.

Interestingly, he has been successful securing almost 20 corrections and retractions, which is indeed is a big job. Moreover, the press is examining the same number of his complaints.

It was last week when on his complaint, right-wing Sun website made corrections in its story.

Versi said as reported Left-leaning Guardian: “Journalism plays a vital role in our democracy and the brilliant work by many journalists is being tarred by this consistent stream of negative and inaccurate reporting about Muslims.

“Newspaper editors need to seriously consider whether such a large number of inaccuracies on this one issue is in line with the basic standards of professional standards that they claim to adhere to, or whether it is indicative of the prioritisation of click-baiting over accuracy in the case of serial offenders. This has real-life consequences as far-right extremists share such false stories, leading to rising hostility towards Muslims.”

India too needs its own Versi.

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