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Imam’s call falls on deaf ears of Shaheen Bagh residents

For years post-Bakrid situation has been a big issue in Okhla, a deprived locality of Delhi that of late has witnessed untrammeled construction work and increase in population. Over the years what has left residents worried is the dirtiness after Bakrid in the locality with slaughtered animals waste, including intestines and other parts, found rotting everywhere.

Keeping this in mind this year several residents, including Imams of some mosques, requested residents to keep the area clean and dump animal wastes on roads. But there was no improvement in the situation just like previous year, this year too animal waste was found strewn everywhere. The issue took centre stage this Friday when an imam of a Shaheen Bagh mosque raised the issue of dirtiness in the area and spike in cases of vector-borne diseases leading to even deaths.

A resident who attended a Friday prayer in a Shaheen Bagh mosque said the Imam talked about the mess that was created after Bakrid in the locality. Even after more than ten days of the festival there are many lanes in Shaheen Bagh where animal waste can be found on road creating unbearable stink, said the Imam as quoted by that unnamed resident.

Also, he pointed out that it is un-Islamic to dump animal waste on roadsides giving hard times to neighbours.

It is not only Shaheen Bagh where animal waste can be found as several residents had dumped the animal waste on the bank of Yamuna.

“The stink was unbearable and thanks to the civic agencies staff who picked up the waste after a few days. But there are many places where you just can’t go as the stink is still strong. This time we had thought that situation would improve as several deaths had taken place due to dengue and residents were aware that the outbreak of diseases was the result of dirtiness in the locality.

“Cleaning the area is not a hard thing if residents turn responsible. Just see the butchers charge Rs 1,000 and more for slaughtering animals and it is their duty to make sure that they don’t dump animal wastes on roadsides as usually it happens. If one can spend so much of money on animal then why not take out a small amount to make sure that wastes are not dumped on roadsides. The situation gets so messy that one cannot even think of inviting non-Muslim friends on Bakrid,” said a resident of the condition of anonymity.

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