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Back from hospital, hale and hearty Imam of Jamia’s grand mosque speaks with OT

The Imam of Jamia Millia Islami’s grand mosque, Maulana Qari Mohd Suleman Al Qasmi, has returned to his house in Jamia from the hospital a day ago. After suffering from high pressure the Imam was rushed to the hospital where he was admitted to intensive care unit (ICU).

“It was on March 28 when I realised that blood was coming from my nose. I ignored it. But when I woke up another day I again found blood coming. It was then that I contacted a local doctor who checked my blood pressure and I was rushed to a hospital for treatment as my blood pressure had shoot up to 180/110 or something like that. I had not taken medicine for the last two days for control my blood pressure. When my nose started bleeding I was unable to understand the reason. I am thankful to Allah that no major complications took place,” 75-year-old Imam told OT.COM.

Though he is yet to resume imamat at the mosque, he said he is just taking rest and begin leading the namaz from tomorrow most probably. A school teacher at Jamia, he took to full time imamat at the grand mosque and has been doing it for the last 30 years.

He said when he was hospitalised, his son told him that he got many calls from people asking for the wellbeing of the Imam. “I am thankful to people who cared about me. If I well and healthy today it is all because of their duas,” said the Imam, who is highly respected figure in Jamia.

He said: “Students gave me loads of love yesterday. When I was returning from hospital I saw many students, who are regular at mosque, outside waiting to receive me.”

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