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Homage paid to Zakir Husain

Rich tributes were paid to Dr. Zakir Husain, Former President of India and one of the founders of Jamia Millia Islamia at his mausoleum in the university campus on his 120th birth anniversary.

Prof. Talat Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, JMI along with A. P. Siddiqui, IPS, Registrar, JMI laid wreaths on his mazaar and offered fateha (special prayers) along with the family members of the leading educationist.

Speaking on the occasion, the VC -JMI said that Bharat Ratna Dr. Zakir Husain’s contributions to the nation as well as the University are well recorded. “His novel and painstaking work in education opened a new chapter in the life of Jamia.

The small sapling that he planted decades ago has now become a tree and is bearing fruits. His teachings and vision have become a mandate for us which we are working hard to fulfill”, Prof Ahmad added
Prof Ahmad said it is important to remember how he rose above narrow divides and taught us not to differentiate among people on the lines of religion, caste, creed, race and gender. He was an extraordinary humanist and therefore his name should be included in the category of the Saints of India.

“We are grateful to him for instilling in Jamia a love for education which we try to foster among our students right from Nursery to Ph. D. levels. He was among the pioneers who introduced the idea of Taleemi Mela which showed us the way to opening the university foundation day celebrations to the people in the neighbourhood so that they too are sensitised about the importance of education.”, Prof Ahmad.

Dr. Husain embodies the ethos that Jamia Millia Islamia abides by and hopes to nurture and fulfil. We pray that his soul rest in peace.

Dr Zakir Husain’s granddaughters, Ms. Anjum Shirazi and Ms. Nelofer too attended the event and joined the university authorities in paying tributes to the former President of India.

Dr. Zakir Husain served as Vice Chancellor of JMI for 22 long years from 1926-1948.

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