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History of Urdu literature revisited at Jamia

An interesting exhibition was hosted by the Department of Urdu of Jamia Millia Islamia with the theme “History of Urdu Literature” on April 22.

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An exhibition on Urdu at Jamia

The event saw the participants from the department putting up informative exhibits comprising of innovative hand-made wall posters depicting different stages of development of Urdu, its genres, prominent Urdu poets, writers and litterateurs who contributed immensely to the language and its literary traditions during various phases of the rich and eventful history of the language.

The literary expo was inaugurated by Professor Shehpar Rasool, eminent Urdu poet and head of the department, who was very impressed by the presentations and applauded the participants for bringing out such creative and innovative exhibits. He wished that such exhibitions be held on a larger scale so that people in general may have awareness about Urdu’s rich heritage and may benefit and inspire from the literary traditions of the language.

Professor Shahzad Anjum deemed the expo very inspiring and suggested that such activities be made an integral part of teaching-learning experience. “Efforts should be made to promote such activities on priority basis”, said he.

Professor Kausar Mazhari expressed his wonderment over the depth of knowledge and insight among students about the history of literature.

The in-charge of the expo, Dr Khalid Mubashshir said, “One’s teaching lineage is more significant than her/his genealogical tree. The lamp of scholarship and literature has been shining bright in Jamia for the last 50-60 years and this process of lighting new lamps with the help of the old ones will continue for good.”

The visitors were particularly amazed at diversity, range and multiplicity of the pictures of places and persons, cover pages of books, various literary milestones, datelines, different phases, movements, trends and institutions that were witnessed by the history of Urdu beautifully presented by way of exhibits. The programme was organised by Waseem Ahmed Aleemi and Sameena Suhail and commenced with the recitation of Quranic verses by Nurullah while vote of thanks was given by Saif Azhar.

Amongst the participants of expo Muhammad Imtiaz, Sana Parveen and Nikhat Parveen presented their exhibits on the history of Deccan literary traditions; the development of Urdu literature in north India was presented by Ehtemamul Haq. Aihamgoi was exhibited by Mishkat Hussain, new poem by Huma Farheen, progressive (taraqqipasand) Movement by Naghma Tabssum, Delhi School of literary tradition by Saif Azhar and Muhammad Sajid, Lucknow School by Abdul Wahid and Waseem Ahmed Aleemi, Fort William College by Shehbaz Alam and Delhi College was exhibited by Mummad Afzal. All exhibitors were presented with ten books each, which were published under the Tagore Research and Translation Scheme, by the head of the department.

Professor Wahjuddin Alwi, Dr Suhail Ahmad Faruqui, Dr. Khalid Jawed, Dr. Nadeem Ahmed, Dr. Imran Ahmed Andaleeb, Dr. Sarwarul Huda, Dr. Musheer Ahmed, Dr. Sami Ahmed, Dr. Muhammad Adam, Dr. Shadab Tabassum, Jawed Hassan and a large number of research scholars and students visited and enjoyed the exhibition.

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