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Hijab-wearing girl stopped from boarding Delhi metro

A hijab-wearing girl has been stopped from boarding a metro. It is understood, according to daily reports, Delhi Metro commuters will not be allowed to cover their faces using surgical masks or mufflers.

A PTI report on April 12 said quoting officials: “Only terminally ill or serious patients will be allowed to cover their faces using a mask or cover. Everyone else who uses a cover for a variety of reasons like to beat heat, pollution or for fear of contracting infection will have to remove the face cover while getting frisked. The measure was there in place and suspicious people were asked to remove it during frisking but it will now be strictly implemented in all cases. This to ensure that all faces are seen by security personnel and are also captured on CCTV cameras. In case there is an incident, everyone should be identifiable.”

But for Humera Khan, a regular Metro traveller, it was a shock when she was asked to remove her hijab. This is what she wrote on her social media timeline with her post virtually going viral. She wrote: “I have no idea about a new security policy of DMRC where you are not allowed to board the train if you wear a hijab (headscarf).

“It happened to me on 6/5/2016, Friday when I was coming back home from college. I was boarding from Mayur Vihar phase 1 when I was stopped at the security check. The security personnel asked me to remove the Hijab, I could not help smiling and followed her instruction gladly.

“She waved the beeping machine on my entire head (I was still smiling like a person I am, mad) then when I started to drape it again she said it is not allowed. “Iske sath aap board nahi kar sakte madam”. I shook my scarf to convince her but she was adamant. I asked her to call a senior person to whom I can talk. A man who looked much authoritative came, I said: “Sir you can check my student ID, here is my address I have been travelling in metro from past 2 years and I was never stopped at any station. Just tell me the reason and I would not bother you much.

“That person in a very harsh tone asked me to either leave or remove the hijab without giving any apt reason. I was left with no option except to leave, which I did.

“I was and am still in a state of shock. I was suggested to complain, to awaz uthao and all the bullshit but when an authority disrespect your rights and the one who is abetting the wrong then to whom you should complain? Even if I had it would not have done me any good because I surpassed those minutes of mental harassment which these guys inflicted upon me.

“My post is just to bring in notice about things happening around us. I have or never had any issues with security checks in fact I am kind of a person who make faces at people who fuss about security checks in the morning but to humiliate a citizen and mentally harassing him/her in the name of your duty is not cool. Such incidents shatter a person to core. Islam preaches to be polite with the impolite and to be patient…”

OKHLATIMES was unable to speak with Khan and the authorities for their comments.

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