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Shocking moment hijab-wearing girl is ‘slapped’ on bus no. 402; she doesn’t retaliate but something ‘awful’ happens to her attacker

This is an incident that took place on bus number 402 that goes from Okhla to Jama Masjid.

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One day a hijab-wearing girl boarded the bus nearby a stand, said a passenger, who was eyewitness to the incident and also travelling on the bus a few weeks ago.

As the reserved women and other seats were full the girl was standing. During the course of the journey the driver took a brake throwing several passengers off balance. The girl too lost her control and she accidentally hit a woman from other community sitting nearby, said the source, adding that the woman in sari lost her control and slapped the hijab-wearing girl twice to which the girl said nothing.

After that the woman uttering a few words sat on her seat. An old man travelling on the bus and sitting nearby asked the girl to say something to which the girl said nothing. The bus moved a few stops ahead and the man again asked the girl to say something, but the girl said nothing, showing extraordinary patience.

The man didn’t give up as after a few minutes he again prodded the hijab-wearing girl to reprimand her attacker. The girl mildly asked the man to mind his own business and stop bothering her.

The bus moved on and it reached a bus stop, a few bus stops from the Nizamuddin bus stand, where the attacker got down. And as the woman was getting down due to the crowd her sari got entangled to the bus steps and she lost control.

Seeing this, passengers started shouting urging the driver to stop. By the time the driver stopped a lot of damage was done. The woman was left in paticot with her sari torn apart. Moreover, during that period she was dragged and fell on the road. She received no life-threatening injuries but got scratches on her face and arm. A few passersby gathered and made the woman seated and offered her water.

After a while the bus moved on to its destination to Okhla, said the eyewitness.

The source ended the story by saying that the old man, who had been pestering the girl to reprimand her attacker, said: “Had you said something such an “awful” thing would have not happened to the woman.”

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