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Video: Delhi Govt to introduce Happiness Curriculum in govt schools: Sisodia

Delhi government will introduce a “Happiness Curriculum” for children in classes Nursery to 8 from the next academic session.

Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday announced the introduction of “Happiness Curriculum” in all Delhi Government schools for classes Nursery to eight. An in-house team of teachers and principals is conducting a comprehensive research on the developments in this field from around the world.

While making the announcement, Sisodia said, “The Delhi government has commissioned a team of experts, including Delhi government school teachers, preparing a framework for Happiness curriculum. The entire curriculum will be purely activity-based and no formal examinations will be conducted on it. However, a periodic assessment of children’s progress will be made using a Happiness Index.”

Sisodia said, “At a time when our neighbour Bhutan is formulating its policies to ensure a high Happiness Index for its citizens, by building an activity-based Happiness Curriculum for children studying in our schools, we can not only help enhance their personality but also influence the direction in which we are heading as a society and nation.”

“Delhi’s Government schools have seen a remarkable turnaround in the last three years. Not only has there been a transformation in infrastructure and capacity, but there has been a serious effort to improve learning outcomes through various interventions. This reform process cannot be carried on merely for achieving higher learning outcomes in literacy, math, science and other subjects. Education has to serve a larger moral and societal purpose and cannot be looked at in isolation from the needs of society. Even as we aim for economic equality, we must strive for ‘happiness equality’ as well” said Sisodia.

The Deputy Chief Minister appealed to teachers and students of Delhi government schools to come forward and assist the government in developing the Happiness Curriculum. He made the announcement during the “Excellence in Education” awards ceremony held today at the Thyagaraj Stadium.

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