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Good Muslims asked to come forward and guide ‘backward’ community

Sir Syed Awareness Forum host a reception programme for Sharib Tasneem, RTI and social activist and from Delhi as chief guest at its headquarters in Aligarh. The funtion was attended by prominent personalities of AMU and Aligarh city.

Sharib in his address emphasized that the Muslim community is lacking behind in politics due to their policy of alienation from it.

It is the need of the hour that good Muslims should come forward and take the lead of the community,which is most backward in all walks of life. He said that it is the right time for the Muslim intellectuals to come forward and guide the community in right perspective.

He also mentioned that our elected representative are not up to the mark and they are least concerned towards the problems of the community. He said if some people raise their voice and approach them regarding the development and funds used under various schemes in the area,they first do not want to listen them and also think that they are against me.He also said the result of this neglect is the backwardness of our localities.

He also said in Delhi from where he came, the situation of Muslim localities are in a very worst condition.The Muslims localities are generally neglected by the various goverment and other agencies. He told the gathering that in Delhi, a large no of vacancies of Urdu teachers are lying vaccant since long.The waqf properties of thousands of crore rupee are encroached and no one is bothered to take care of it.

He requested the gathering, especially students to join the main stream media to face the challenges ahead. In the last, Sharib appreciated the work done by Prof. Shakeel Samdani and said he is the ideal role model for others who want to do something for the community.

The organiser of event Shakeel Samdani (Alig), renowned faculty of Aligarh Muslim University and president of Sir Syed Awareness Forum in his presedential address said due to selfish motives and illiteracy, our leadership is miserably failed to deliver the goods for the community.

Our community is pushed to wall and compelled to live in the pathetic conditions. He also said it is the need of the hour to wake up and reap the fruits of the democracy. He further said that Indian democracy is one of the best democracies of the world. Every citizen of this country has equal rights and some special rights are also given to minorities through Indian Constitution. The Muslim community should take advantage of these rights. He emphasised that it is suicidal for any community in a democracy to treat any political party as untouchable. The Muslims should support political parties on the basis of the programmes and policies.

The community should respond and act according to the needs of the hour. Lauding the efforts of social worker and community leaders Prof Samdani said that we should support those who are tirelessly working hard for the betterment of the community. In the last Prof. Samdani requested the Chief Guest, Sharib Tasneem to train the youth to take advantage of RTI and RTE.

On this ocassion Najam Abbasi, Rtd. Bank Officer, Ahmad Usmani, Rtd. From Saudi Arabia and Shoaib Ali, Former Cabinet, AMU Students Union also expressed their views.

The funtion came to an end with the vote of thanks by Abdullah Samdani.The following prominent persons were present in the programme were Mutiul Gaffar, Hatras, Abdullah Maroofi, Mau, Dr Musarrat Ali, Mansoor Ilahi, Sec, SSAF, Ms Anjum Tasneem, Faisal Abbasi, Rashid Usmani Advocate and Dr. Obaid Iqbal, Sec., UP Rabita Committe.

In the end the flowers were given by Sara Samdani to the Chief Guest.

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  1. Factually correct and very relevant story on plight of Muslims in India. Okhlatimes continues to serve the community. This story must be spread to as many readers as possible, so that educated Muslims can come forward to work for the downtroden Muslims. Not an easy job, but need of the hour. Unless we help ourselves, chances of the entire community progressing only on the basis of government schemes are negligible.

    I was stunned by an important comment from a Muslim journalist who is also running a news portal from Okhla, that those Muslim families who subscribe to the newspaper is not more than 10 to 12 %. The news portal which has also broken so many good stories, hardly gets any support from the community.

    • Our job is to do the story and break it honestly without expecting any monetary return that we have been doing tirelessly for the last five years.
      The rest is for the readers. Thanks for your comment.
      OT TEAM

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