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In future car will run without petrol fuel: Video demo by Jamia students

As technology develops chances are that the car that we drive will also change. A driverless car is being experimented by search engine giant Google in the United States. Moreover, researches are also on how to run car without petrol fuel. Several models throughout the world are being under trial. Car being run by solar energy is the most though of thing. And as researches continue, some Jamia students have also tried their hand on a car which they claim can run without petrol fuel.

In the recently held Talimi Mela some students were seen using a car that was not running with fuel. Two batteries were fixed on the backside and the students were seen convincing other visitors about it and how to run it.

“It is a pre-electric car which is based on the pre-electric system. According to my theory the system will install in it in the future by this the electric vehicle does not required any external source. And by that vehicle I explain the swach bharat abhyan is not all about sewage and all, air pollution is also part of swach bharat abhyan,” said Mohammed Aamir Ali, creator and leader Pre-Electric group Jamia.

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