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Imtiaz-e-Jamia award winner Frank Islam, who had donated $2 mn to AMU, gave only best wishes to Jamia

Despite all the alleged controversies related to Jamia conferring ‘Imtiaz-e-Jamia’ and ‘Global Ambassador of Education’ awards to two Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) alumni Dr. Frank F. Islam and Syed Ali Rizvi their visit on the campus on Monday was a historic day.

Looking at record of Dr Frank F Islam, US-based entrepreneur, philanthropist and civic leader of Indian origin, many in Jamia were expecting that he would donate some money to Jamia as he did a few years ago to his alma mater AMU. According to reports, Dr Frank F Islam donated $2 mn to AMU.

However, he only gave best wishes to Jamia, said a source, who was part of the audience at Dr Ansari Auditorium where he and Rizvi were honoured.

More than five hours after the event, the university issued a release regarding the event.

Jamia conferred its highest award, ‘Imtiaz-e-Jamia’ on Dr. Frank F. Islam, U.S. based Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Civic Leader on Indian origin for his outstanding contributions to public service.

The award for ‘Global Ambassador of Education’ was conferred on Syed Ali Rizvi of Indian origin for successful Entrepreneur and Promoter of Education for his outstanding contributions to community service. The function was presided over by Prof. Talat Ahamd, Vice Chancellor, JMI.

Delivering a lecture on ‘Empowerment, Leadership and Entrepreneurship’, Dr Frank F. Islam, after receiving the honour, said that the world needed more leaders and entrepreneurs to make a difference.

Coining the concept of a ‘virtuous organization’, Dr Islam added that it had three distinguishing features, namely, a navigator, a capital creator and a value generator which adds value by behaving in a socially responsible and ethical behaviour while working to produce spiritual and intellectual capital. He said that the world needed many virtuous organizations to tide over several problems that it is faced with.

Calling Jamia Millia Islamia’s newly established Livelihood Business Incubator (LBI) under the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) an example of leadership creation by the university, he asked the students to ‘think big’ and learn from the example of Google, Microsoft and Facebook which show the power of young innovative minds.

Dr Islam added that a large number of globally leading enterprises have been started by immigrants and Indians which was an encouraging trend. He asked the studnts to draw lessons from the career of Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, Satya Narayana Nadella who is an Indian American.

Recalling the story of his own success as a boy born into a middle class religious family of Azamgarh who crossed the Atlantic to pursue the American dream, he said that his success as an entrepreneur can be attributed to passion, persistence, tenacity and sacrifice.

Underscoring the importance of interfaith leadership he said that all faiths teach equality, dignity and tolerance and therefore interfaith bridges were an important need of the hour, especially in a diverse country like India.

Syed Ali Rizvi asking the students to focus on education said that leading universities in the U.S. like Harvard and MIT have formed an alliance like that offers nearly 600 courses free of cost and students must take advantage of these opportunities.

Rizvi who is based-Boston said that through Sir Syed Emerging Scholar Award (SSESA) they were helping needy students to pursue their studies in U.S.

Prof. Talat Ahmad, delivering the Presidential remarks said that one of the mandates of JMI was to help economically and socially disadvantaged students. Prof Ahmad said that JMI had taken concerted steps in this direction under the aegis of the Nai Manzil scheme supported by the Ministry of Minority Affairs.

100 drop-out students from madarsa background completed their XIIth Board certification as part of the scheme and a majority of them were girls. From the next academic year, 200 drop-out students will be enrolled under the scheme, he added.

Prof Ahmad said that the university was trying to boost entrepreneurship through LBI where students will learn to innovate and think out-of-the box.

A. P. Siddiqui, Registrar in his welcome address said that it was a matter of great privilege for the university to confer its highest awards to two people who have stood out globally for the cause of education and philanthropy. Their illustrious careers are an example for students to follow suit.

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