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Firni recipe video: Learn art of cooking homemade dessert

Do you crave for sweets after a meal? There are many people who love to eat dessert after a sumptuous food as well as ordinary one. Some people go for readymade one and there are many who relish homemade desserts. If you are one looking to eat homemade dessert then there are many sweet delicacies that can be made without sweating or spending long time at your kitchen.

An Okhla resident, who runs her YouTube channel, strongly feel that in a short period of time one can easily make homemade mouth-watering desserts. Of many available, firni is a traditional dessert which can be easily cooked at home. Several verities of firni are available in the market too.

The best can be cooked at home provided you are ready to do it.

“Since my childhood I have seen my grandmother making firni. Later on my mother used to cook very tasty firni. I still remember how during the month of fasting, my brother used to love eating firni during night. And whenever, I got an opportunity I also used to eat one. So I learned the art of firni from my family members. And after getting married, I have been cooking it for years,” said stay-at-home mother Rozy, who was happy to watch the small clip parked on the YouTube.

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