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Late-night inferno in Batla House; firemen struggle to reach spot due to narrow lanes (video)

Fire broke out late-night in Joga Bai Extension, according to several social media posts.

“Several houses were gutted in a massive fire that broke out in Batla House on Thursday night. Fire engines reached the spot around 45 minutes late. Although there was no loss of life except minor injuries, the loss of properties could have been averted had the fire engines reached in time. When he firemen reached the area, they had to struggle to go close to the spot because of narrow lanes in the dense locality and haphazard parking. The families that live in the buildings ran out to safety before the flame spread. Locals who were spraying water from their roof tops played a major role in controlling the flames,” wrote Tarique Anwar.

Also, he shared photo and video of the event.

Mahmood Ahmed wrote: “S ब्लॉक में 5 मकानों में आग लगने से बड़ा नुकसान हुआ है…अल्लाह पाक का शुक्र है जान का कोई नुकसान नहीं…उन सभी लोगों का शुक्रिया जिन्होंने अपनी जान पर खेलकर आग को बुझाने में मदद की..अफ़सोस इस बात का रहा दमकल की गाड़ी बहुत देर से आई जिसकी वजह से नुकसान ज़्यादा हुआ…अल्लाह पाक उन्हें सब्र आता फरमाये.. जिसका नुक्सान हुआ।“

Afroz Alam Sahil wrote: “Massive fire in okhla’s residential area Joga Bai Extension. 3-4 houses burned.”

Shoaib Khan too wrote about the incident with photos.

CAPTION: Homepage photo by Tarique Anwar

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