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Filmy style robbery in AFE that every Okhla residents should know about

Theft and robbery cases are on the rise in Okhla, particularly in Jamia Nagar. However, this one is different in the sense that the way it was committed in one Abul Fazal Enclave block.

The incident has left residents stumped. According to a resident, the robbers attacked in the morning with two women wearing burqa knocking on the door.

A small boy opened the door and within seconds two men waiting outside in the street rushed in and then got into the flat and overpowered the boy putting some sharp items with the two women, said the resident, who is aware of the incident that took place many days ago.

It is understood that then woman, who was in her house, with no men, was asked to surrender whatever money and ornaments she had and then the robbers vanished in the street. Everything happened in such a jiffy that the woman was unable to overcome the shock and in the meantime the robbers fled from the spot, said the source, who is close friend of the family.

Residents said such incident happened a few days ago in Batla House also. Everything is managed in such a way that there is very little time for the victims to react, said sources.

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