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Meet Okhla-based hairdresser Fazlu who gave haircut to Bollywood’s badshah SRK when he was nobody at Jamia

Fazludeen is a well-known hairdresser in Okhla. He took a plunge into hairdressing when he was just 12 years old some forty years ago and Jamia Millia Islamia and Okhla were growing.
Over the years, his salon at Okhla became popular with Jamia students. Some among them became celebrities and are now spread across the world.

“In those days there were a few salons in Okhla. There was one in Zakir Nagar and we used to have Ok at Okhla Head. Students used to queue up outside salon for hair cut. It was started by my father but as he died when I was young I started doing hair cut.


“Shar Rukh Khan was a student at Jamia and he used to visit Ok with Shadab Khan, who is now based in the Middle East. Those who were regulars at my salon then included Shoaib Illyasi, SRK, model and film actor Muzammil, Jeeshan who is acting in Tubelight film and others. Most of them are big people now and I am only in touch with a few of them,” said 52-year-old Fazludeen, who has been in the profession of hairdressing for the last 40 years.

OT.COM was unable to verify his claims independently. But he was a well-known face among Jamiaiites of old time who used to wait for days to get a haircut from Fazludeen. In those days many termed him the badshah hairdresser in Okhla.

However, in the last few years the salon industry changed in Okhla with many new ones coming up some among them being swanky with good interiors with air condition. Also, big brand salons too landed in the locality.

To catch up with the changing time, Fazludeen, had to shift to a new place opening a salon with all latest facilities.

“The time has changed. Now customers want to come to big salon. They want it well equipped and air condition. Looking at this I handed over Ok to my son and opened a new one at Okhla Head. My customers are those who used to visit me at Ok. These days you will see youngsters using machine. But I continue to do haircutting with scissors,” said Fazludeen, who is a resident of Okhla Vihar.

He said his one son is into his profession with two studying engineering at Delhi’s college.

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