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Fatima begs for info on missing son; 4 days gone & nothing has happened yet

It was more than three days ago when Fatima Nafees, a resident of Badaun in Uttar Pradesh, rushed to Delhi after receiving a message: “something has happened to me on campus. Please come soon” from his 27-year-old son Najeeb Ahmad who studies in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

Since then she has been camping on the campus looking for her missing son, who after an alleged brawl with some students at the Mahi Mandavi hostel where he lives in room 106, has gone missing. And even after four days his whereabouts is not known with Nafees’s cry for help falling on deaf years of the authorities who too are groping in the dark as after all their efforts they failed to trace him till the filing of the report. The JNUSU has blamed the ABVP for the development.

Nafees tells dna: “There were so many places he could have studied in but he chose JNU. I told him to think about it, but his mind was made up. He said JNU was reputed and affordable. When I find him, I’ll take him home.”

It has been reported that Ahmad before enrolling in the biotechnology in JNU had cracked entrance exams at AMU and Jamia Millia Islamia. Some reported that he even took admission in Jamia, but moved to JNU after getting admission there.

Nafees told TOI: “He is a simple boy. Forget about being involved in any kind of politics, Najeeb didn’t even have any friends. He used to just study and stay in the hostel. He was very happy to be at JNU and had called me excitedly when he was allotted a hostel seat.” Despite coming from a financially weak background, getting into JNU was an achievement for Ahmad, who father was a carpenter and was handicapped due to a fall.

“He didn’t reveal much. He just said that he has been beaten up when he was on his way to Safdarjung Hospital. An FIR should have been lodged then itself, but JNU administration didn’t do it. But, he was sent back to the same hostel where he was assaulted without security. I last spoke to him at 11am on Saturday from Anand Vihar ISBT. He said he would wait for us in his room. However, by the time we reached JNU around 12.30pm, Najeeb was not there. He would not have talked to me if he wanted to flee. Something is amiss here. I don’t know who is hiding what,” she said.

Also, she told TOI that the students who assaulted his son have still not been questioned.

However JNU officials said they have done everything to locate the student.

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