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Fasting man pulls rickshaw in scorching heat in Ramzan

Fasting man pulls rickshaw in scorching heat in Ramzan. Ramzan this year is full of hardship due to the scorching heat and high humidity. The situation is such that many rozedars fear to get out of their house comfort.

Fasting man pulls rickshaw
Kadeer Khan
But there are many unfortunate and brave people like rickshaw puller Kadeer Khan, who despite all hardship continue to fast in the Ramzan.

Khan, a resident of Malda, pulls rickshaw in the scorching heat and keeps roza. He told OKHLATIMES that he keeps roza and pulls rickshaw for four hours in the morning so that he could earn enough money to survive. In Okhla, he lives in Pahawan Chowk in Batla House. There are many Khan like him in India who despite all adversaries don’t give up fasting in Ramzan.

When asked does he not get tired while pulling rickshaw during fast, he said: “Life is full of hardship. I don’t want to stop fasting that too in Ramzan. I pull up rickshaw in the morning when I am full of energy and as the day passes I get tired and go to my small tent in Batla House to take rest so that to break my fast on time,” he said.

What an inspirational story!!!

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