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Eye on polls, political aspirants resort to fogging and talk about cleanliness drive

Muslim-dominant Jamia Nagar is different from other places in Delhi. It is an important Muslim locality overcrowded by activists, aspiring politicians, NGOs and religious organizations – all claiming to work for Muslim uplift.
But the ground reality is different with piled-up garbage on roadsides, minors on bikes without helmets, mushrooming workshops, educated residents parking their vehicles on road, rich businessmen gobbling up road land and criminals ruling the roost.

Above all, one can come across several people who move around in the garb of activists and do little to address the issue. And it is such people who get hyper-active during election time.

Highly ambitious, they are convinced that to win hearts and minds of the voters it is important to get involved in superficial work a few months before the election. Surprising many have even made their political career by doing so.

The case in point is outbreak of vector-borne diseases and cleanliness drive and fogging taking centre stage. As cases of deaths started pouring in, several activists cum politicians surfaced talking about addressing the issue.

It all started with one activist holding fogging machine. Within days the virus spread and everybody started getting involved in fogging campaign, taking photos and then putting it on social media. Of those, who have money they resort to poster blitz in the locality or allegedly plant stories in the vernacular press, projecting themselves as the messiah of the community.

The last time when one such local election was held, a non-Muslim activist from Sarita Vihar was left stumped at the level of campaigning in the locality.

She had said: “People spend so much money on campaigning. Why are there so many candidates? In my area there are only five people. Had they spend some money on welfare then Jamia Nagar would have changed drastically.”

This time too there are rumours that more fifty people are in the line to contest for the local election. And shocking of them not a single one is worth talking about as they have not done any ground work in their locality save talking big, said a watcher.

All told there are good people also, but they are becoming rare of the rarest breed.

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