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OT EXCLUSIVE: Tablighi Jamaat’s digital pursuit comes a ‘cropper’

In this digital age when a large number of people, including youths are online, several Muslim religious organisations are going digital to gain followers. Jamaat-E-Islami (Hind) has its presence on the social media platform Facebook. While googling around, one stumbled on a twitter and FB accounts of Tablighi Jamaat: and, unaware of the fact whether they are fake or real accounts.

markazOKHLATIMES.COM was unable to verify the authenticity of the accounts independently.

However, the twitter handle wrote this: “This is an official Twitter Account of Markaz Nizamuddin. Hence follow it to get daily updates.”

But what is surprising is that the religious organization which is popular across the world with large number of members could only get 81 followers with only 3 tweets on its Twitter handle launched on September 2010.

On further probe it was found that a FB page was also available. “Asalamualaikum Brothers and Sisters, without the mashora of shuras of Markaz Nizamuddin we are not going post anything on this page. Hence please bear with us and let many likings to come after that we can keep this in front of our buzurgs. Jazakallah,” said a post, soliciting a few comments.

One Khaja Moin wrote: “Assalamualikum, Markaz don’t need an online account. Our elders always recommended to stay away from such things. Concentrate on dawa work, ignore all false reports on Dawa work.”

Interestingly, a domain by is also booked.

The FB page too has a few followers with a Tablighi Jamaat follower claiming that chances are high that they must not be official accounts of the religious organization as they don’t carry any message of any of its spiritual leaders.

The organization has a stronghold in Mewat and is headquarted at Nizamuddin in Delhi.

New Delhi-based Islamic scholar Waris Mazhari told OKHLATIMES.COM that it could be a mischief by some. “What is not understandable that how come the accounts have got a few followers in more than five years as it is well known fact that the religious organisation has a huge following not only in India but across the world. In such a case it is important that the organisation should come up with a statement clearing the air in case if the accounts are not real. Also, action needed to be taken against the person behind the mischief.”

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  1. It may be the handy work of agencies monitoring the activities of different organizations.

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