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Eid al-Fitr 2017: Prayer timings in Okhla mosques

With Eid al-Fitr 2017 being celebrated in the Middle East today chances are high that Muslims in India will celebrate the festival on Monday in parts of the country.

However, the final decision will be taken only after sighting the moon and its announcement.

In case Eid al-Fitr 2017 is held on Monday then the prayer timings in mosques in Okhla is as follows with residents getting ready to celebrate the festival that arrives after the end of Ramzan in which devotees keep fasting for a month from dusk until down.

Mosques in locality too are preparing itself to accommodate large number of visitors from across the locality.

Charminar masjid, F block: 7:30 am
Shan-e-Ilahi masjid, M block: 8:15 am
Markaz, D block: 8:00 am
Umar masjid, L block: 8:00 am
Quadri masjid, N block: 8:00 am
Jamia Millia Islamia: 8:00 am
Noor masjid, L block: 8:00 am
Okhla’s Khalilullah masjid: 8:30 am
Ghareeb Nawaz masjid, G block: 7:45 am
Eidgah Shaheen Bagh: 7:45 am
Madeena masjid, K-40: 7:30 am
Chand masjid, J block: 7:45 am
Fatma masjid, N-9: 7:45 am
Tariqul Saquib masjid, N-168: 8:45 am
Jama masjid, Thokar 7: 8:30 am
Bilal masjid, D block: 7:45 am
Abu Bakr Masjid Zakir Nagar West: 7: 45 am

DISCLAIMER: Residents are requested to confirm the timing before visiting the mosque. The information here has been collated from different sources

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  1. Shadab Ahmad Khan

    Do you always miss out the timings of Zakir nagar jamaa masjid or is it avoided on purpose?

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