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Earthquake: Did you feel the tremor?

Many residents in Okhla said they felt the tremor in the locality. A resident of Batla House said he felt the tremor at 10.35 pm as he was on his bed. “I was just preparing to sleep when I felt the bed moving. It was not intense and must have stayed for a second,” he said.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) estimated the quake’s magnitude at 5.8 of the Richter scale, and located the epicentre in the mountain state’s Rudraprayag District.

Many residents are receiving phone calls from their relatives from across the country about their well being.

Okhla resident Rozy said she too felt the tremor. “Just now I got a call from my friend in Dehra Doon who said that she too felt the tremor,” she said, adding that she got worried after feeling that the bed she was sitting started shaking.

TV channels are also running the news of tremor being felt in Delhi and NCR regions and other parts of India. It has been reported that the epicenter was in Uttarakhand.

However, many people didn’t feel it. “I was sleeping but didn’t feel it. I got a call from my friend in Noida that they felt the tremor and many people in their office rushed outside in the open. It was then only that I came to know about the earthquake. And when I switched on my TV set I watched the news of earthquake. Even if we come to know about it early nothing can be done as the locality is cluttered and there is no open space,” Faraz told OKHLATIMES.COM.

The news of earthquake and mild tremor being felt by residents in Okhla spread like wildfire with many people sharing the news on local WhatsApp group.

No immediate reports have surfaced of any loss of life or damage to property.

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