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Jamia Nagar doctor becomes sitting duck after girl dies of fever in Okhla

Okhla is worst hit by vector-borne diseases and since the outbreak of the diseases in Jamia Nagar the locality has witnessed several deaths, according to residents, who added that in such a situation doctors at times are under huge pressure to turn patients healthy.

And when they fail then patients’ family members lose cool. The case in point is an incident that took place a few days ago in Jamia Nagar where a non-Muslim doctor was attacked after a girl died of high fever, said residents.

The incident unfolded like this: After the young girl died of high fever, locals got infuriated and gathered outside the doctor’s dispensary carrying sticks and other items. Eyewitnesses said of the crowd some assaulted the doctors, who received injuries. The story did not end there as the elements mostly uneducated people took the doctor to some other place. The doctor was assaulted despite girl’s family members requesting not to do so, said eyewitnesses.

Later on the doctor was back in his dispensary with bruises on his body, said eyewitnesses, adding that the doctor didn’t receive life-threatening injuries. The issue was resolved as other residents too stepped in explaining to the unruly crowd that it was not doctor’s fault, said eyewitnesses. The incident left several residents shocked and they wondered at the deteriorating law and order in the locality.

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