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This felled divider since Jan 26 invites accident; nobody concerned

It was on January 26 when an accident took place in Abul Fazal Enclave reported by OT.COM. On that day, a bus driver had hit the divider on the road in front of Ret Ka Teela, writes Mohd Saqib Khan.

dividerNo casualty was reported as the road was deserted early morning. Since then the divider that had felled is yet to be put back in place inviting accident.

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This has made driving on this stretch of the road highly risky. I almost lost control of my bike. However, I was lucky to survive an accident.

OT.COM reported that this only highlights the pathetic state of affair in the locality. Residents lamented that nobody is concerned about it, pointing out that several accidents have taken place on this road because of the divider.

Moreover, driving on this road turns risky at night as there are no street lights on the large stretch. Several accidents have been reported. A few months ago some residents had raised the issue of putting lights or red signs so that in the dark drivers get alerted while driving on the road. But nothing has happened till now.

“What is surprising is that just see local election is coming near and several prospective leaders have surfaced laying claim to leadership. The whole area has been defaced with posters. Some leaders are claiming that if voted to power they would make the area clean and green. I request such leaders to come forward and do some work before laying claim to leadership. Also, representatives should come forward and do development work and address such minor issues,” said Noushu Ali.

CAPTION: Photo by Saqib

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