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Plan to decongest Abul Fazal ‘backfires’

A few days ago divider was put on Abul Fazal Enclave road with the sole purpose to decongest the road. However, some residents feel that the move has backfired as the installation of divider on the encroached road has only lead to more traffic congestion.

“Divider is good as it would slow down traffic. But it has been seen that traffic jam is occurring. Moreover, it would have been great had vehicles parked on roadsides been removed so that the road could have been broadened. But as this has not happened many residents are complaining that this would further make travelling on the road difficult,” said Naseem Ur Rahman.

Other residents lamented that it would have been better had residents been stopped first from parking their vehicles on roadside illegally. Some even pointed out the mushrooming of workshop on roadside making travelling difficult and narrowing the road.

It has been noticed that most of the space on the road in Okhla is covered by illegal parking, workshop and eateries. Residents lamented that move around the locality and you will find traffic situation only getting from bad to worst with nobody trying to find a solution. The increase in use of four wheelers by residents too has added to the problem.

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