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Cong leader Digvijay terms Shukla-Rameez story most amazing

After a Mumbai auto driver helped a Muslim get to Friday prayer his story has gone viral on the social media with several people posting his photos and comments. Congress leader Digvijaya Singh wrote on his timeline: “Most amazing story! Shukla ji Aap sachhe Hindu hein… Thank you Rameez for posting it on your Facebook. We all those who want to fight the Hate Brigade on Social Media must post such incidents. Such incidents are the real examples of brotherhood which should be eye openers to the foot soldiers of the Hate Brigade of Social Media.

In a Facebook post on August 26 that has gone viral with almost 8000 shares and counting, Mumbai resident Rameez Shaikh wrote: “As soon as I sat in the auto I realised that I had forgotten my wallet in my office in the rush.

“The auto guy (who was pasting a ‘Ganpati Utsav’ sticker on his windshield as I entered in his auto) told me: ‘Aap bhagwan ke kaam ke liye jaa rahe ho, aap tension matt le… mai chhodd deta hu aap ko… lekin mai wait nahi kar paaugaa… mujhe aagey jaanaa hoga.

He offered Shaikh some cash so he wouldn’t face difficulty on his way back to the office.

“Since he could not wait for me, he wanted to ensure that I get back to my work place conveniently. He was very sincerely telling me not to feel embarrassed for that. Could be a stereotype breaker for some… An ‘Auto-wala,’ ‘Ganpati bhakt’ with ‘Large red tilak on forehead’ going out of his way to make sure that a fellow human of another faith gets to pray to his deity with all the peace.”

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