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Dr Naeem’s claim to develop medicine to cure diabetes questioned

Medically I disagree because the food-intake decomposes to produce sugar in the body which is further treated by Insulin, argued Ghazi Ozair from Jeddah/Yanbu, KSA.

Insulin is produced by a gland in the body through beta islet cells in the Pancreas. When this gland loses its function by reducing or completely stopping to produce Insulin due to any reason, the unabsorbed sugar level in blood becomes high.

In other terms, this malfunctioning part is considered as un-functional as almost dead. And any body part once dead or permanently loses its primary function, there is no cure what-so-ever to revive or regenerate the dead part. Ultimately, when the body is deficient in Insulin production, it has to be taken externally to maintain sugar level in the body. What Herbal (Ayurvedic, Unani, Hakeemi, Tibbi) or Homeopathic medicines are claimed to give back the life or regenerate the dead part of the body is absolutely baseless and unbelievable.

Moreover, it does not speak whether Dr. Naeem’s formulation will cure Type 1 or Type 2 or both?

I have seen so many similar claims from Indian Hakim & Veds in past but after sometime the reality is exposed. Some earlier Hakims had also claimed “no side-effects”, which is also disapprove because Almighty has set a very delicate chemical equilibrium in human body and when any external chemical in any form of the medicine is taken-in, a chain of chemical reaction starts in the body and the equilibrium gets disturbed. It’s another thing that most of the time we don’t feel it instantly because has also made the body to resist to the negative impact of external imbalances, but to a certain extent. When this self-defense system fails, the impact or the symptoms of side-effect become more prominent or rather visible. So, certainly there is side-effect of every medicine used. I don’t what Prof. Naeem claims about the side effects of his medicine.

I feel that the claimed breakthrough is not much different than a south Indian guy who had claimed to generate petrol from water & some herbs and the other running car engine with water only. For over a century the best doctors & researchers of the world with most advanced facilities are intensively searching for the cure of this ailment but so far no one could succeed but one of our Hakim now claims of his breakthrough with the formulation of some crude medicinal herbs. Crude in the sense that no herb in the world contains only one chemical component, which is active or real treatment of any disease, but all herbs are a mixture of many chemical constituents some of which might be useless or may cause some side effects. So, instead of using some formulation of herbs, Dr. Naeem should have isolated the real chemical component which is active part of his formulation for the treatment. Then it would have been a real breakthrough.

It’s my personal view and I don’t impose it on anyone. Everyone has got the right of having his/her rational opinion.

DISCLAIMER: Views expressed are personal

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