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Okhla hit by dengue epidemic? 2 deaths in last 24 hrs reported, hospitals full with patients

Okhla hit by dengue epidemic? 2 deaths in last 24 hrs reported, hospitals full with patients.

infantdiesofdengueHas Okhla been hit by dengue epidemic? This and other questions are worrying residents as reports are surfacing of more deaths due to disease that are not been reported in the media. Two boys have died due to dengue, said residents.

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Till morning it was reported that Asad Iqbal, 18, died of dengue. But later on a resident informed OKHLATIMES that an infant too died of dengue and was buried at Batla House graveyard on Saturday.

According to close family friends, 10-month-old Danihal was hospitalized in a local hospital. After his conditions didn’t improve he was rushed to Holy Family hospital where doctors failed to revive him.

When OKHLATIMES visited the house in Abul Fazal Enclave, a family member confirmed the development and said yes he did die of dengue but doctors failed to diagnose the case properly. Since the outbreak of the disease in Delhi, dengue infection has been a serious public health concern in Okhla.

Jamia Nagar with 4 lakh population and a Muslim-dominated locality is battling dengue with several residents down with fever and hospitals are full in many cases even not willing to admit patient.

A youth who works in Sanjeevni Hospital said the total strength of the hospital is 30 but right now more than 60 people are hospitalize of which many are dengue, chikingunya and viral fever patients. There is panic in the area that lacks in basic amenities with authorities failing to control mosquito breeding in the locality. More the situation has got complex as till now no nationwide or local investigation has been carried out to determine the actual magnitude of dengue in the population.

But there is no denying to the fact that several residents have died. With this reported death in Abul Fazal Enclave, the number of deaths has touched to six which is disturbing in the sense that Delhi has reported only seven deaths. A resident said on the condition of anonymity that the number of deaths is really high and has gone unreported. Yesterday when I was returning from my office, I saw two bodies being carried for burial. On asking residents, it was found that they died of dengue.

Also, he pointed out that people are panicking as all cases are not of dengue. Many people are down with viral fever also, he said.

OKHLATIMES has been unable to verify his claim independently.

But the situation is worry some as despite late fogging attempts the situation appears not to improve.

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