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Okhla MLA’s sister-in-law dies, could be dengue’s 1st victim in Okhla

Okhla MLA Amanatullah’s relative has died of dengue.

Informing OKHLATIMES, the MLA wrote: “मेरी बड़ी भाबी आसिफ खान साहब की बीवी का अभी डेंगू बुखार की वजह से इंतक़ाल होगया इनका इंतक़ाल अपोलो हॉस्पिटल में हुआ इनके जनाज़े की नमाज़ 10 बजे रात मैं बटला हाउस क़ब्रुस्तान मैं होगी तमाम लोगो से शिरकत की दरखुवास्त है”

“She was suffering from active fever. Her platelets were around 11,000 with low blood pressure. She succumbed on Friday,” said an Apollo Hospital doctor where she was admitted on Friday.

She was buried in Batla House graveyard with a large number of residents turning up.

Residents mourned her death as the information was shared by the MLA on his social media timeline. The development has come at a time when tall claims are being made about work being done to create awareness among the residents about the danger of dengue. 

A few years ago dengue outbreak had created fear among the residents. There is fear that with water-logging and garbage piled up on roadsides, chances of dengue outbreak in the locality are high. For residents have been asking for cleaning operation in the locality. A few days ago the Delhi Government had made an announcement that it would start dengue test from September 1 at all the mohalla clinics, polyclinics, dispensaries and Government Hospitals.

All told doctors have urged residents to take precautionary measures to keep the area and their houses and streets clean by not letting water getting logged as it is where the dengue mosquitoes breed the most.

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