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Miracle! Revived minutes after ‘death’ in Okhla

Medical science is full with miraculous stories. One such incident was reported in one Okhla-based hospital when doctors were able to revive a patient who could clinically be termed as “dead” minutes after her “death”.

She came back to life completely unscathed and normal, reported a journal.

It all started after a patient identified as Saraswati Devi, 50, a diabetic, had undergone stenting procedure a few months ago. It was only recently that she started feeling chest pain and was brought to Fortis Escorts Heart Institute for check-up. It was during this that angiography was done and doctors found her cardiac condition had worsened.

It was decided that the patient needed urgent bypass procedure. On August 14, all preparations were made for surgery and it was when she was being wheeled into the operation theatre the patient suffered from a massive heart attack and her blood pressure plummeted to zero, reported

Dr S N Khanna, Associate Director, Cardiac Surgery, said: “We had to work fast as we needed to ensure that the brain does not go without oxygen supply for too long. Medically a person is declared brain dead if the oxygen has not reached the brain for four minutes. In this case oxygen did not reach the brain for 10 minutes. Therefore the fear was that patient would suffer from severe brain impairment. After the chest cavity was opened we put the patient on a cardio-pulmonary bypass to ensure circulation. It was after this that we proceeded and completed the bypass surgery. We were extremely apprehensive about the condition the patient would be in when she woke up but there was no untoward damage to her brain functions. It was nothing short of a miracle.”

Dr Kousar Ali Shah, Zonal Director, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute said: “While the bypass surgery was successful overall, we were worried there could be issues arising in awaking the patient from anaesthesia or thereafter due to substantial lag in oxygen supply to her brain. However, her post-operative recovery was uneventful and she was extubated almost as any normal patient who would have undergone a bypass surgery. Both the cardiac surgery and anaesthesia team worked in tandem to save a precious life. A case as this in the first place is rare to be even taken up for surgery post an arrest followed by an unresponsive resuscitation. I congratulate the doctors and the support staff for their perseverance and success. Saraswati Devi was discharged from the hospital on August 24 and has returned back home.”

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