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Dangal’s Zaira becomes star: Know what changed some Muslims’ view in days

A few days ago when Wasim Zaira of Dangal, who is from Kashmir, got pulled into online ‘dangal’ over meeting with Mehbooba Mufti, the incident had grabbed headlines and the country was split. Many stood by her side, including Muslims.

However, the link of the story was not very enthusiastically shared by Muslim users in Okhla and other places.

But things changed today when reports surfaced that Zaira hits out at BJP’s Vijay Goel for his take on hijab. Today many Muslims are sharing her story on the social media with the other side being silent.

Sports Minister Vijay Goel’s comparison of a burkha clad woman’s painting to her, saying she should not be connected with such a “discourteous depiction”.

It all started after Goel in a tweet had posted a painting from an exhibition which was a portrait of a woman in burkha and he wrote, “This painting tells a story similar to @zairawasim. Our girls are breaking out from cages and moving ahead. More power to our daughters!”

Reacting to Goel’s post, the Kashmir teen today tweeted, “@VijayGoelBJP Sir, with all respect to you, I feel I must disagree. I request you not to connect me to such a discourteous depiction. She further posted that women in “hijab are beautiful and free”.

“@VijayGoelBJP Moreover, the story depicted through this painting is not even remotely relevant to mine.”

In his defense Goel wrote, “You have interpreted wrong. I appreciated your work and stated that evil and patriarchal notions must be discouraged. I’m afraid you still haven’t understood. But I wish you all the very best and appreciate your work. Hope to meet & interact too,” reported PTI.

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