Thursday , February 22 2018
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CONTACT US: Do you form your own view on a topic after reading an editorial on it in a newspaper or magazine? If so then contact us. Do you also want to present this view to the public? Do you wish to provide your own take to people on an incident unfolding in your neighborhood and University? Do you want to comment on issues that are close to your heart?

You can write for, an issue-led community portal known for its extensive local coverage. OKHLATIMES is not in print

OKHLATIMES is a platform to highlight burning issues and can help solve problems. An interactive forum, we can make a lot of difference.

Send us photos, videos and stories at;

Also, write for us and become a community and campus reporter.

Join us in our effort to expand further and highlight issues that don’t find space in the mainstream media due to many reasons.


If you have any suggestion to improve the website, please post us your feedback at; to CONTACT US

If you have news tip or story idea, photo or video please email at to strengthen local governance and community journalism. Also you can join us and become a source for OT to help us empower the marginalized through digital inclusion.

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