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AAJMI 2018: Clean Jamia operation launched late night

AAJMI 2018 attracted a huge crowd on February 11 when the university organised its first alumni post after merging JOBA into AAJMI. Since morning candidates and their fans and supporters, all Jamia alumni, were seen pouring in on the campus, parking themselves around Sports Complex where election was going on.

The election not only led to traffic snarl in the locality as most educated alumni were seen standing on the road blocking it, said an alumni on the condition of anonymity. He pointed out that what caught eyes of many alumni and some residents were posters littered on the road ahead of the alumni elections. The other day Jamia was cleaned as some people launched operation clean Jamia late night with some students also seen around.

Some alumni didn’t like the way election was fought.

“I was not really interested in AAJMI (Alumni Association of Jamia Millia Islamia ) but the kind of money being spent on campaign, Biryani, Bannarbazi not just worries me but also scares us…,” wrote Jamia alumnus Asad Ahsraf on his timeline.

Another university alumnus Asad Haider Zaidi too raised “pertinent” points in his social media post.

“Upcoming Alumni elections show what exactly is wrong with Jamia, and having a Students’ Union as well in the first place. Why no female candidates, why are all candidates Muslims? Why should we vote for them? No one has shared any plan for the future yet. What they intend to do?


“What is the objective of the alumni association in the first place? Having gala dinners only? Neta giri? Pasting their photos all over Jamia, on the metro pillars. Even on the reflective strip on the pillars, that were put so that the on coming traffic can see them. Do they really care about anyone but themselves?

“Most of the candidates cannot write or speak two error free lines in English. Why do we have only such people to represent Jamia? Every time? Every where?

“Why is it so that most of the alumni dinners have people who have studied in Jamia school as well? Only those who attended college here usually do not come? Why don’t the non-Muslim alumni ever feel like coming back here? Why don’t they have a very strong bond? (They do have with us, but not much with the college.) What are we doing wrong?

“I read few people sharing what they want from the University, through the alumni association. ID card to enter university any time they want, reservations in job etc. What crap? What are you giving back to the university?

“I hope the new alumni association will mend their ways and make a new beginning. Where they actually work for others and not for their own selfish ends?”

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