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Mahmood down with chikungunya; six others in his family suffer high fever

Youth AAP leader Mahmood Ahmed is down with chikungunya and is hospitalized, according to a social media post. In the post Mahmood, who is resident of Batla House, wrote from the hospital bed that six other members of his family are down with high fever.

chikungunyaMahmood is not the only resident to suffer from chikungunya or high fever.

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Several residents of Okhla are suffering high fever. Moreover, there are several families whose whole members are down with high fever or dengue and even chikungunya. The case in point is of NU Khan. According to reliable sources, his whole family is battling dengue. It was only a few days ago when his mother died of dengue.

There are several families in the locality who are down with fever or suffering from dengue or chikungunya. This season dengue outbreak in the locality has been worst with a large number of people complaining of suffering from the disease. Worse, several dengue deaths have been reported. Though no exact data is available, residents claimed more than 8 people died of dengue this season and hospitals are full with patients. The situation is such that patients are not getting beds in hospitals.

Residents attribute lack of cleanliness, waterlogged roads and dumping of garbage in the open to increase in dengue cases in the locality, blaming representatives for doing little to address the situation all these days since Friday when the BJP-ruled SDMC turned up to launch a massive cleanliness drive.

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