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As MTNL man down with chikangunya some residents ‘fear blackout’

As MTNL man down with chikangunya some residents fear blackout.

Satai Ram of MTNL is down with chikangunya.

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It is reported that when a residents called him to complain about his internet blackout, he told him that he was hospitalized and suffering from chikangunya.

Ram has been posted recently in the locality after Upadhya has been transferred to a new locality.

Though the MTNL has backup staff, there are fears in the locality among regular users that in case if something goes wrong there could be an internet blackout. Many residents have termed the fear unfounded.

Till now everything is honky dory. A resident Shehzad Khan said there are always fear as I too came to know from sources that Ram is ill and undergoing treatment.

Residents of Okla are battling chikangunya, dengue and viral fever with most of the beds in local hospitals full. The situation in the locality is really serious as most of the residents you talk to say that somebody in their family is down with high fever or dengue, said a resident who recently was hospitalized for treatment of high fever.

Besides, several residents have died of dengue disease. On Monday the deprived locality witnessed two deaths from dengue. A few days ago Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan’s sister-in-law died of dengue in Abul Fazal Enclave. Residents claimed that many deaths have gone unreported in the media and by health officials.


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