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Celebrations in Chicago as Jamia turns 96

Around 30 miles from downtown Chicago, this serene suburban area, on a quiet and beautiful cloudy day, witnessed the celebration of 96th foundation day of Jamia Millia Islamia.

Many alumni, young and old, of this prestigious institute had gathered on this day to delve into the memory lane of a place they still remember.

Staying this far from their homeland, these humble men and women today proved that their hearts are still close to this place though they, themselves are thousands of miles away.

The Jamia Millia Islamia Alumni Association (JMIAA), Chicago chapter celebrated 96th Foundation Day on Saturday, October 22, 2016 in its 3rd Annual Meet in Chicago.

A large number of alumni across USA had turned up with their families. Rizwan Ali, Amjad Rahman, Tauheed Khan, Faiyyaz Ashraf, Sharique Chisti, Zeeshan Ashraf and many more had gathered to organize this event. Tauheed Mohammad Khan , an engineering graduate from Jamia conducted the programme.

The programme was started just after lunch with the recitation of some verses from the Holy Qurân by Mujahid, a young and energetic Qaari from Darul Qasim Institute, Chicago. This was followed by the Tarana-e-Jamia. In his introductory speech, JMIAA founder Rizwan Ali expressed his deep and lasting gratitude to the alma mater. He brought to everyone’s attention the objectives of the association. “We have gathered today to give back what we received years ago. There are many who are in need of financial support in Jamia and this is the least we can do for them”, added Rizwan Ali.

Chief Guest Prof. Muzaffar Alam, a historian trained at Jamia, currently a Professor of History at University of Chicago enlightened the gathering on the history of Jamia. Prof. Muzaffar Alam specializes in Mughal political and institutional history and history of Indo-Islamic culture.

JMIAA convener Tauheed Mohammad Khan announced the successful establishment of a scholarship programme which has been set up to support the less fortunate students of Jamia school, those who are unable to continue their education due to financial crisis . Tauheed also requested audience to contribute to their alma mater. He also shared the list of students supported by the alumni association in year 2015- 2016.

Towards the end of the programme, Rizwan Ali proposed the vote of thanks. The program ended with the traditional singing of the Indian anthem, Jana Gana Mana.

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