Tuesday , October 25 2016
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Arshiya seeks justice: Who will fight for her cause?

The report of over hundreds of thousands of Muslim women taking out an impressive rally in Pune against the Uniform Civil Code has been a huge hit going literally viral on the social media site with some Muslim media even sharing the story. However, as campaigns are going across the …

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The Shahabuddin saga and media hullabaloo by Bihar-based journalist

The September 7, 2016 decision of Justice Jitendra Mohan Sharma to grant bail to former RJD MP, Shahabuddin, in Rajiv Roshan murder case is not the first such instance of getting bail, writes Soroor Ahmed. He had got bail in all the serious cases related to murder, murderous attack, abduction, …

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Hajj goes virtual! How tech has changed spiritual journey to Mecca

1,400 years ago when Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) performed a religious ritual nobody had idea that a time will come when people sitting far away in India could see their near and dear one performing Hajj in Mecca in real-time. However, the development in technology has made it possible. With WhatsApp …

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Aamir adopts drought-hit villages in Maharashtra; netizens react

Aamir Khan adopts drought-hit villages in Maharashtra and netizens react with report trending on the social media. Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is back in news for good reasons. If a few months ago he grabbed headlines for his India remarks this time around he is talk of the media and …

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Be together, not the same

“Be together, not the same” is the mantra Google has been spreading for quite some time now. It’s a good reflection of its intent and purpose; with 1.5 billion active users and a myriad of OEM partners contributing to its growth, the OS couldn’t ask for more diversity. Among Android …

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