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The story of Al-Bake straight from the horse’s mouth

Al-Bake needs no introduction. Located at New Friends’ Colony Community Center, the outlet is known for its Lebanese shawarma with food buffs turning up from across the national Capital to relish the delicacy. Over the years, several outlets were opened in Jamia Nagar, but nobody could catch up with Al-Bake’s …

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Video: Complete guide to cook Old Delhi style Nargisi Kofte

Authentic Purani Dilli style Nargisi Kofte. Watch full video here: Nargesi Kebab or Nargisi kebabs or Nargasi Shami Kabab a southern Asian dish, is a kind of kebab or kofta with a chicken egg in the middle. It is named after narcissus flower because when kebabs are cut they look …

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स्ट्रीट फ़ूड के रंग इस किताब के ज़रिए ज़रूर देखे

चटपटी दिल्ली’ बुक लॉन्च चटपटी दिल्ली यह किताब अमिताभ भोला द्वारा लिखी गई है | इस किताब में अमिताभ ने स्ट्रीट फूड के बारे में बताया हैं। उन्होंने दिल्ली की सड़कों पर मिलते स्ट्रीट फ़ूड के बारे में बताया हैं। जो लोग खाने के बहुत शौकीन है, जो लोग अपने …

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Eid-ul Adha 2017: Learn how to cook Mutton Kaleji Gurda

Eidul Adha 2017 is just a few days away and on this day Muslims across the world will prepare special dishes. Of them, Mutton Kaleji Gurda dish is favourite of most non-vegetarians. After Qurbani this is the dish which is cooked first in every family. Watch full video for minute …

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Dr Faizi questions ‘maggi controversy’ and ‘lazy mother argument’

The next time you see children gorging on junk food, don’t blame the mothers. Instead blame the father’s education and socio-economic condition of the family. This is revealed by Dr Nafis Faizi, Assistant Professor (Department of Community Medicine, J N Medical College, JNMC), Aligarh Muslim University in a research paper …

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Recipe of chicken filled bread made easy in seven steps

Recipe of chicken filled bread: Method:1. Boil chicken in water, ginger garlic paste and salt. When water evaporates switch off flame and let it cool down. Shred it. 2. First mix warm water and sugar. Now add yeast and again mix well. ALSO READ: Enjoy Rohu fish fry in easy, …

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Enjoy Rohu fish fry in easy, quick way (video)

Do you know how to prepare mouth watering Rohu fish fry? If you don’t know worry not. You can easily find innumerable videos on YouTube giving tips how to cook Rohu fish fry delicacy very popular in Bihar and West Bengal. Of them Shaila’s Dastarkhwan channel on YouTube being run …

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Farida’s tellall interview of India’s well-known chef

Farida’s tellall interview of India’s well-known chef. Farida Khan interviewed Sanjeev Kapoor the biggest TV Chef In the world. Star of TV Show, Khana Khazana In the interview for OKHLATIMES, Farida talks about what brought Sanjeev to Indian food, his success in his career and the various aspects of Indian …

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