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Video: Easy ways to make oil-free winter special pickle

Winter has arrived and many seasonal fruits and vegetables too have hit the market. Every seasonal vegetable or fruit has its own medicinal benefits. The case in point is easy availability of turnip and other vegetables in the local vegetable shops. The only thing you have to do is purchase …

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Firni recipe video: Learn art of cooking homemade dessert

Do you crave for sweets after a meal? There are many people who love to eat dessert after a sumptuous food as well as ordinary one. Some people go for readymade one and there are many who relish homemade desserts. If you are one looking to eat homemade dessert then …

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Video: Ways to make mouth-watering crispy bhindi chips

Have you ever tried this crispy bhindi chips? They are so chatpati and kurkuri that you will forget kurkure, readymade chips, said Shaila, who runs her channel on YouTube. “Try this recipe and follow the tips to make crispy okra chips. This recipe is a fabulous dish, loved by both …

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Video: How to make delicious dum aloo dhaba style?

Dum Aloo recipe or Aloo Dum Recipe is a chatpati/spicy curry made with tomato, curd and some spices, according to Shaila’s dastarkhwan. It is served with poori, paratha or butter naan. It is a famous dish for both vegetarians and non vegetarians.

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Okhla resident Khan to organise carnival de cuisine in Noida

A few residents of Okhla are planning to organise food carnival in Noida. “I am from celebrations hub. I am a resident of Jamia Nagar. I and my colleagues are organising food carnival in Garden Galleria Mall Noida (a part of GIP Mall),” said Rehan Mustafa Khan. The vent is …

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Video: Top omega rich seed mix to eat daily for healthy body

Omega rich foods are very important for good health. Omega rich seed mix is a rich source of protein, fibre, vitamin E, and all vitamins except vit B12. Make a habit of eating one spoonful of seed mix every day for healthy body. Also, multi-seed Mukhwas is a wonderful healthy …

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Chicken momos recipe by award winning Okhla-based YouTuber

Chicken momos are popular street food and many people love to eat it by purchasing them from roadside vendors. However, making it is not very difficult. Okhla-based award winning YouTuber Shaila who runs her YouTube channel Shaila’s Dastarkhawn shares details how to make chicken momo at home. “Chicken momos/veg momos …

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