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Mother-in-law in ICU, daughter waits in line for hours at bank in Okhla

The cash crisis that started following demonitisation of high-value currency since November 8 has hit residents hard in the country.

In Okhla too residents could feel the heat as they were seen standing in queues at banks and ATMs to exchange money or to withdraw cash today.

Of all those standing outside a bank in NFC community centre a woman grabbed residents’ attention as she said she was in desperate need of cash as her mother-in-law was hospitalised in intensive care unit (ICU). She was heart talking to a few people standing in the queue with her that the bank was asking for cash as her card was not working.

An eyewitness said the woman was talking with her relatives about the hardship that she has been facing as there was a long queue outside the bank. However, she was lucky as the bank had a separate line for women and elderly. Despite this it was hard times for her as she was found requesting bank staff and security staff in choked voice to let her go first so that she could get cash and rush to the hospital to get other important tests of her mother-in-law.

But as there was huge rush and everybody was trying to be the first, nobody pay heed to her request until her turn came. In between high drama unfolded when a senior staff of the bank came out to announce that as there was not a lot of cash every person may not get his or her share. The woman rushed to the staff requesting putting before her case. All told, at the end of the day the woman anyhow succeeded in getting the money.

There were many who had to return empty hand due to some or other issue with their accounts.

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  1. the problem also lies in the fact that the Majority of ATMs in muslim areas are not well maintained or defunct…one example I would like to quote is the Indian bank ATM near ajmal bagh staff quarters and another near gate no 8 of JMI …Despite the fact there is a cash crisis okhla people are facing additional burden due to dysfunctional ATMs

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