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Career in aviation: Charles explains job opportunities in industry

Career in aviation: Charles D’souza explains job opportunities available in career aviation industry for people equipped with an aviation degree from any academy. Okhla’s based newly opened Alber Aviation provides opportunity to make your career in aviation industry: The career aviation.
If you also want to fly in the sky, you can make your dream come true into a glamorous career by touching the height of the sky.

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Airlines, Travel and Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries. This industry is also related to many other industries. Such as travelling and tourism, business or government work. Today, air traffic has become widespread like road and rail traffic. The industry’s largest contribution is to employ millions of people. For this reason, the Indian government is engaged in developing tourism in the country. It is the industry that earns foreign currency in great quantity in the country. It earns the most foreign currency compared to other industries. Working in this field is adventurous and challenging. The courses operated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are beneficial for working in this field. There is immense potential of employment in this area. As the competition in private airlines has increased, thereby connecting the metro cities and cities to the airports by which the passengers get access to more and more quick traffic and save time. Air traffic has been divided into three groups. First Group is Airlines second is tour operator, and third is travel agency.


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Airlines: More than hundred international flights fly from other countries from India. Air India and Indian airline these are government companies. In the private sector, there are many private companies connecting Jet Airways, Indigo, Spice Jet, Extra, Go Air and small towns and metro cities. The airlines are divided into two parts according to the work, the first cabin crew and ground and ground stop. Under the cabin crew, there are pilot, co-pilot, air hostess and Stuarts and flight purser, now a day women are becoming pilot too.

Air hostess or plane hostess: It is a very challenging and adventurous career. This work is for those girls who have beautiful and attractive personality, sociability and mildness, behavior skills, quick decision-making, clear vision, and who have knowledge of fluent Hindi and English. In this age group of 17-27 years, the height of five feet three inches, high school, higher secondary or graduate qualifications can be selected for their careers. Along with this, hotel management is given priority in diploma courses, which are from a recognized institution in flight management. Having knowledge of any foreign language is considered an additional qualification.

Flight Purser: This is for the youth and they have the same eligibility as the air hostess. The work and responsibilities of these two are almost the same. Their height should be five feet – nine inches or more. The work of both of them is to greet the passengers on the plane, delivering them on their seats on the basis of their categories, before the flight of the aircraft and instructing them for safeguards, making different types of announcements such as weather information, aircraft Apologies for emergency and emergency instructions etc.
Their salary is about 30000-80000 Every month. Air hostesses and flight pursers have a salary of Rs 2 to3 lakh per month in some international airlines.

Ground Staff: These staff works at the airport. These young men and women are placed in great quantity, and the work of all these too varies. Some of them work on the basis of their positions, such as airport officials, airport managers, air traffic managers and low posts security officers and other ticket and reservation staff, personal relations officer, aircrafts engineer and technician, communication officer and porter etc.

Tour Operator: Tour operators make the dream come true of the tourists for by conducting in-bound and out bound tours. Tour operators bring travelers to the place they want, to arrange hotels, to show sightseeing, to take them from the airplane to the hotel and to get back to the airport, to arrange guides, help in shopping, protect their belongings and take back to their destination.

These are Tour Planning Officers, Tour Manager Sr. or Junior Marketing or Sales Manager and Executive, Account Staff, Guides, These all have a network in different branches.

Travel Agency: Arrange for their main work traffic, booking tickets for native foreign travelers, providing car and coach rental pay along with hotel reservations, giving them travel and route information and tickets. Travel agencies are often retailers and they have to market different airlines. Those agents who visit small groups make these agents come true.

Employment opportunities are also like travel operators in the travel agency. There is also immense potential for employment in the private and public sectors. The airline is a very wonderful career; the employee here has other benefits besides employment. They also get a chance to visit the world.

Recognised institutions:

The facility for training of airlines is located in the Alber Aviation Academy, FA 98 Abul Fazal Main Road, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, which is going to be soon authorised by International Air Transport Association (IATA) Authorised.

Its directors Jamal Abdul Nasir Khan and Charles D’Souza are both NRIs and have trained and directed lakhs of people from the last three decades.

Alber Aviation located at Abul Fazal Enclave on the Kalindi Kunj road will soon open its branches in other States of the country and in other countries.

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