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Builder uses Allah catchline to woo Jamia Nagar homebuyers

Builder uses Allah catchline to woe Jamia Nagar homebuyers.

If you are on your way to Julaina from Okhla then you can notice several banners on Jamia Milli Islamia grill. And as you get close to the Engineering Faculty building several banners are visible of a well-known realtor group.

gaurbuilderallahOn a closer look what attracts your attention is the catchline on the banner: “Reconnect with Allah in a place more peaceful.” The banner has left several people stumped specially at a time when several reports have surfaced about how Muslim find it difficult in finding accommodation in other areas of Delhi.

Also, the group has put kiosk on the campus as it is a sponsor of an event.

This is not for the first time that companies have been found “exploiting Muslims religious sentiment”. It was a few days ago when OT.COM had reported about halal milk being sold in the locality. Its report was carried by other media outlets also.

Then Islamic scholar Waris Mazhari had slammed such moves, terming them as ploy adopted by business houses to exploit religious sentiment of Muslims.

“There is nothing halal and haram in milk and this appears to be a business tactics to make money by exploiting Muslim religious sentiment. Also, this reflects the problem of Muslim society. There is no effort to address other common vices in society. I have seen some shopkeepers in Europe hanging halal and haram banner on shops selling vegetables and fish,” said Islamic scholar Waris Mazhari.

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