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Adventure of flavours and tastes: Meet Johri Farm-based budding YouTuber Shaila

Shaila, a resident of Johri Farm creates, edits and uploads videos of her easy to make, homemade meals on her YouTube channel, Shaila’s Dastarkhwan (Shailas Dastarkhwan), writes Naila Anjum.


She learnt cooking from her mother while growing up, standing in the kitchen for hours helping her mother out with her recipes. Later when she became a mother herself, she used those recipes for her kids and husband perfecting them further.

She has been cooking for a few years now but the idea of making her own YouTube channel came along when her daughter went to study medicine abroad. Her daughter needed to cook and she knew zilch about cooking, so she would often call her mother for assistance. Shaila would provide her daughter with detailed recipes over the phone. She made videos of her daughter’s favorite recipes and sent them to her. Soon her daughter’s friends began to ask for her recipes as well. That is when an idea struck her. Why not upload them on the internet so that a lot of other people and students could benefit too? Coincidentally, one of Shaila’s favourite YouTubers cooked in a manner very similar to her mother’s. This gave her motivation and the brainwave for a YouTube channel. Her children and her mother-in-law motivated her and helped her build the channel and friends and family helped her promote it.

During the holy month of Ramzan 2017, Shaila started her YouTube channel. She started with simple dishes, particularly the ones loved by her daughter, and uploaded them. She made dishes popular in Bihar, taking some inspiration and tips from her mother-in-law who is originally from Bihar. Once her channel got attention and subscribers, Shaila moved onto other cuisines as well. She’s an avid baker too, and has recently uploaded her recipe for quick and very easy to make Chocolate Mug Cake ( She even recreates recipes with innovative twists.

In a little over a month, Shaila not only single handedly started her channel but also learnt the various other important aspects of making YouTube videos, editing being the most crucial one.

Shaila’s kitchen is a work in progress and a journey of adventure, moving on to ever newer recipes, flavours and tastes. Keep attuned and enjoy the journey.

(The writer teaches English in Delhi University)

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  1. Very impressive and Great job.

  2. Great job not like a general muslim women


      Sir, thanks for the appreciation. I am just one of many thousands Muslim women born and brought up in Delhi just like my father and forefathers. I want to present the great culinary tradition of our forefathers. I will soon start a channel to celebrate our literary contribution to India’s culture. Just keep watching my channel. And if you have any recipe that should be seen to the world, you must write me. Thanks and Regards. Shaila

  3. I watch Shaila’s Dastarkhwan on YouTube. She has a variety of recipes for vegetarian and non vegetarian people. Her videos have English subtitles for non Hindi viewers. Simply explained recipes are very easy to prepare. Last Sunday I prepared a mutton dish watching her video. Thanks to her.


      Thanks, Balamji. Please watch my channel and give me your suggestions to improve it.
      Thanks and regards

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