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Beware! What happened to this Okhla girl can happen to any one of us

Once a peaceful place, Jamia Nagar, like many other localities is witnessing criminal activities from time to time. Be it commuters or residents they are complaining that they are facing the brunt due to rise in incidents like robbery, snatching, eve-teasing, stalking, pickpocketing and fighting between groups.

This is a story of a girl who was travelling from Batla House to Tikona Park on e-rickshaw on August 6 around 2 pm.

Narrating her story, she wrote: “Two women fooled me and they stole my purse containing Rs 2,000 nearby Tikona Park. The incident took place when I was travelling on an e-ricksahw from Batla House Chowk to Tikona Park. “Be careful as such people do not come here for shopping but to steal objects.

“I was in an e-riksha and I took money from my purse in advance and put my purse in a big shopping bag. They (the women) were observing me and suddenly boarded the e riksha with two kids. One among them started behaving in stranger manners and started complaining that she was not comfortable with my bag. She was continuously hitting it and succeeded in her move. It was only after I alighted to walk towards my house that I realised that something was amiss.

“I rushed back to find them. I saw the e-riksha wala coming back and when I enquired about the women he told me that they got down near former Congress MLA Parvez Hashmi’s house though they were supposed to go to Okhla Vihar. They had put my mobile in the bag but carried away the cash.

“I came to know that same thing happened with some other lady and these women most probable come from outside Jamia Nagar. My guessing is that they were from Madanpur Khadar village or some other nearby place. My fault was that I was just trying to make the kids comfortable. I have filed a complaint. The purpose to share this story is to create awareness among residents so they don’t become victim.”

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