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This incident with a woman in Batla House will make you seriously think about your safety

Every day we come to know about several incidents taking place in Okhla. However, this one was shocking. Nadima Kausar shared this information in Jamia Millia Alumni group: “My mother got robbed close to Batla House Kabristan. She went to get vegetable two guys came to her and started talking to her and asking for some money, during the conversation they did something that she started following their command. They asked her to follow them and she did, close to Jamia School they asked her to take out her jewellery and she did it without any thought. Finally they left her at Gowind Puri metro station. Please be aware of it and tell your family not to talk to any stranger.”

OKHLATIMES was not able to independently verify this development. Also, the portal could not speak with the victim’s family.

However, the post solicited a few comments with some expressing dismay.

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  1. This incident happened with my friend’s real aunt. She was robbed by goons using some drug called ‘Devil’s Breathe’ which hypnotises victims mind and make him/her do whatever goons want to..

  2. Really serious matter, we need to be much cautious..

    nut i think such serious news should not be published without verification.. or at least cross verification of police complaint details.. media standards should not be compromised

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