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Batla House shopkeeper’s deed changes this non-Muslim customers’ view

Action speaks lauder than words. A Batla House shopkeeper proves this right when he returned money full purse of a non-Muslim customer who had visited his shop this morning.

Later on while returning to Jualina on Gramin Seva, the women were heard talking about the incident with each other, according to other passengers.

The woman wearing sari and tilak on her forehead said this morning we had come to buy some clothes from a shop in Batla House and forgot the purse there.
Moreover, we didn’t realize about the incident unless a person approached us asking whether we left our bag, she said.

It is understood that after forgetting to pick up her purse from the shop, the women were on their home. But when a person approached them they rushed back to the shop and found their purse there. She said they heaved a sigh of relief at such a wonderful gesture of returning the purse to them.

They got up at Julaina and were seen praising the honesty of the Batla House shopkeeper.

A resident, who was travelling on that Gramin Seva, said he felt very delighted as the women narrated the incident on the vehicle. “Honesty is the best policy and this shopkeeper about whom very little could be found is the real hero of the community. He certainly changed the view of these women, who appeared to be religious wearing sindoor and tilak on forehead, by his honest deed. He did what Islam teaches,” he added requesting anonymity.

This is not something new in the locality. A Batla House resident had narrated how a Gramin Seva driver had returned his mobile that he had left on the vehicle. Moreover, a few days ago a girl student had shared her story of how an e-rickshaw driver had returned a bag carrying her certificates that she had left on the vehicle.

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