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Fighting erupts in Batla House after Imam stops men preaching Mahdavism

Fighting erupted between two groups after Imam of Hari mosque in Batla House stopped a few youths from preaching that Imam Mehdi has arrived after Zohar prayer, according to eyewitnesses.

batla house protest over men preaching mahdavism
Residents coming out of local police station after seeking action against accused
When the Imam told them to sit down and not to spread rumours in the mosque and misguide others, the youths got agitated and argued with the Imam, said residents. “Following which fighting erupted as others also turned up. The misguided youths started pelting stones. A few people got hurt. They were chased and beaten up. Later on they were taken to the trauma centre. But they filed a complaint against the Imam,” residents were heard talking among them outside the police station where hundreds gathered seeking arrest of the youths.

As words spread in the locality with announcement being made from mosque urging people to turn up at Jamia Nagar police station, many people turned up and demonstrated peacefully. Former Okhla Congress MLA Asif Md Khan also turned up at the station and said: “As Ramzan is coming it is important that peace is maintained in the locality. A group is trying to spread Mehdism in the locality hurting people’s sentiments. The SHO has assured us that the youth will be arrested soon,” Khan told the media assembled at the police station.

Another resident pointed out that the wayward youths have got some supporters in the locality too and they are fast spreading their wings by misguiding youths and we will never tolerate this.

AAP youth leader Zia Chaudhary also arrived on the spot.

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